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The friendship day of 2012 (From the archives)

Article written by the 21 year old me, worried of citing the source. Cringe version on WWW. DEVILONHEELS.BLOGSPOT.COM

In the journey of life, we go through various stages—school, college, jobs, and so on—where we encounter numerous people. Some become acquaintances, some friends, some best friends, and others become foes or simply fade away. The meaning of "friendship" and "friends" evolves as we grow older. Initially, I believed that the number of friends I had mattered, but with time, I realized that it's about quality over quantity. Today, I have a handful of friends I can rely on, knowing they always have my back. My understanding of friendship has transformed over the years. It's not just about praising each other's greatness but also about helping each other grow, pointing out flaws, and pushing each other to become better individuals.

Every relationship we form in life is unique, and the same goes for friendships. I have had numerous friends who have taught me valuable lessons and provided me with new perspectives on life. This is a tribute to all those who have played a role in shaping me into the person I am today.

The Finishes-Your-Sentences Friend: We come across individuals who share the same wavelength as us. They seem to know exactly what we're going to say before we say it. They have an uncanny ability to offer the right words and understand us even when we don't understand ourselves. Miss S, you are my soul sister, my confidant. Life may throw challenges our way, but I know you're strong enough to handle them.

The Opposite Weirdo: They like white while you prefer black. They enjoy bland food while you love spice. They relish the rain while you adore the summer. You are complete opposites, yet this friend has been your rock through tough times. Miss P, you are destined to be an amazing doctor!

The Chadddi Buddy: These friends have witnessed your growth from awkward teenage years to first crushes, heartbreaks, and graduation. They are the ones who know just how goofy you can be, no matter how old you get. Miss A and P, thank you for always being there. I love you both immensely!

The Kid Sister Friend: Having a friend who feels like an older sister is essential. You can offer advice and make her feel better on a bad day, and it brings a sense of fulfillment. Miss R, you are one of my best friends, and I appreciate you being the sister I never had!

The Therapist: This friend listens to all your problems without judgment and offers valuable advice. You can talk about anything under the sun and instantly feel better. I'm fortunate to have two friends like this. S, even though we live far apart now, I cherish our Skype conversations. M, I apologize for not keeping in touch as often—I promise to change that!

The Inspirational Ass: This friend is Mr. Perfect—a source of inspiration, motivation, occasional irritation, best buddy, and an enigmatic mystery. In the end, you just can't imagine your life without them. Bozo, G, I've summed you up perfectly!

BFF Cum Foe: Love, hate, love, hate, fights, more hate, and then love again! This friend is always around. You know their likes and dislikes almost as well as your own. You love them for who they are, but the smallest things about them can also annoy you. It's a complex dynamic, but that's what makes it special. S, you're my BFF, my shoulder to cry on, my partner in crime, my worst enemy, and my best friend. I can never thank you enough!

The Rock: This friend redefines friendship. They are your best friend who never judges, helps you in any situation, treats you right, and isn't afraid to call you out when you're wrong. S, you have always been my rock, and I know you'll always be there for me.

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of August, Friendship Day. It has always brought a smile to my face since my school days when we counted the number of friendship bands we received. Even in this "OMG! I'm an adult now" stage of life, Friendship Day remains significant. While some consider it a marketing gimmick or claim they don't need a designated day to celebrate friendship, for me, it's a day to express gratitude to every friend who has made the past year wonderful—a gesture we often forget in our busy lives.

Thank you all for contributing to the person I am today. I love each and every one of you wholeheartedly!

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