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Mandatory TOEFL - The EASYPEASY prep

The easy mile.

TOEFL is that mandatory last mile that you need to have, and probably the easiest step in your path to Masters. I got a 113 out of 120 and prepared for a total of 2 hours. I believe TOEFL does not require more practice nor time.

Understanding the pattern

TOEFL is time game, with a lot of questions so one needs to know the pattern. In my opinion, that is the only thing you need.

I first began with going through ETS's practice papers and understanding the number and the format of the questions in all the four sections of the paper: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

For example, Speaking has 4 questions. The first would be talking about a scenario, second about the a dilemma a person is stuck in and so on and so forth.

Starting trouble

It is essential we understand the pattern of the questions to enable us to almost learn up our starting sentences for the speaking and writing sections. This is extremely useful as one has a 1 - 2 mins before one should start speaking and limited amount to start writing to ensure you answer all questions. There are numerous online video sources on Youtube to help you with that.

Read and answer as you go

The reading section has long passages and TOEFL questions based on the passage come in order so ensure you read the first question before you start and keep viewing the questions as you progress further in the passage. The goal being that one needs to only read the passage once.

Tips & Tricks

Online video prep on tips and tricks were another source I referred before I went in for my exam. They keep you updated with the latest trends in the exam.

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