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Faking Confidence is my SUPERPOWER!

Often, when I get asked what my strengths are by a friend or in an interview or in any setting, I for the need of sounding politically right come up with a series of qualities I consider to be my strengths:


Team player

Quick Thinker

and, a bunch of others. But,when removed from that context and when I am sitting quietly contemplating this heavy "too-much-thought has to be given" to question - I think my superpower is faking confidence.

I am generally a confident person. I can talk to a bunch of strangers without getting too intimidated. I am probably that person who talks to you randomly in a waiting lounge or strike up a conversation about a book you are reading. I can do all that but ----

Guess what ? I have those few minutes before I do that where I doubt myself, I am not sure of myself or the actions i want to take .

I really think my ability to convince myself that I can do is my superpower. There are a couple of ways I generally do it -

  1. Visualization of what the outcome might be - I tend to visualize the positive outcome of the situation, that is motivation enough to go ahead with the task

  2. Visualization of the worst case - i think about the worst possible outcome of the scenario and then, the immediate minute I was to do everything just to ensure that nothing I do leads to that negative outcome.

The second point is just me being hard on myself. Personally, it works for me. I know it makes the entire scenario a little too overwhelming for a lot of people so just ignore that suggestion if it does not work for you.

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