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Faking confidence is my ultimate superpower!

Updated: May 17, 2023

Often, when I'm asked about my strengths in various settings, such as interviews or casual conversations, I tend to provide a list of qualities that I consider to be my strengths: being amiable, a team player, and a quick thinker, among others. However, when I step away from the social context and reflect quietly on this question that requires excessive contemplation,

I realize that my true superpower is the ability to fake confidence.

In general, I am a confident individual. I can engage in conversations with strangers without feeling overly intimidated. I'm often the person who strikes up random conversations in waiting lounges or initiates discussions about the books people are reading. But here's the thing: before I do all that, there are a few minutes where I doubt myself. I'm unsure of my abilities or the actions I want to take.

I genuinely believe that my superpower lies in convincing myself that I am capable. There are a couple of techniques I typically employ to achieve this:

  1. Visualization of positive outcomes: I visualize the favorable result of the situation, and this serves as motivation for me to proceed with the task.

  2. Visualization of the worst-case scenario: I imagine the worst possible outcome of the scenario, and as a result, I become incredibly focused and determined to ensure that my actions avoid any negative consequences.

The second point reflects my tendency to be self-critical. Personally, it works for me, although I acknowledge that it may be overwhelming for others. If this approach doesn't resonate with you, feel free to disregard that suggestion.

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