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My Professional Persona

In a nutshell

Goal-oriented and a fast learner. 
"Always ready for a challenge" attitude has pushed me to strive harder and turn things around in times of adversity. I strongly believe that perseverance has been the key to my success.

I have always been inquisitive about consumer behaviour and attitudes.  My professional profile has always been geared towards understanding an individual's thoughts, opinions and preferences and the uncovering underlying reasons for every action and decision they take in the world of business decision making.

I am currently working as a Product Marketing Researcher at Meta. My background in engineering, combined with my firm understanding of marketing communication coupled with my research training helps me understand patterns in consumer decision making based on justifiable facts and objective assessment

Resume can be downloaded here:  
LinkedIn Profile: 
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If you are looking for a mentor or discuss something you think you can pick my brains on, feel free to book a slot.  
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